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                                                                                    Pinzimonio di verdure    7.00

 Vegetables crudites  cut in to bite size and served with dipping (hummus,yogurt and lime sauce and olive oil and vinegar sauce)   accompanied by granary bread.

  Good to share as a starter or to nibble with a glass of Soave or Chardonnay.

                                                                                          Burrata in foglia    14.00

 A semi-soft cheese made from mozzarella and cream, served with cherry tomato glazed in fig jam and served with granary bread.

 330 gr it is ideal for sharing or as a main and we recommend to enjoy it with a glass of Greco di Tufo.

                                                                                           Taglere misto   9.50/ 17.50

 A selection of our fine cured meats, cheeses and vegetables served with Piada (our flat bread).

 For one or for two, it is a good start to a meal and at his best with a Pinot noir or Grillo.


                                                                                         Tagliere formaggi   9.00/16.00

 A wide selection of our cheeses served with preserve,honey and granary bread. 

 A Chianti Riserva from Tenute Piccini will compliment this dish perfectly.

                                                                                             Taglere Piada   12.00

 Tipical flat bread from Emilia Romagna filled with cured meats, cheeses and vegetables.

 Served in wedges, it is a good main or ideal to share as a starter.

 Filling change every time so ask your server if you like anything specific.

 A bottle of Montepulciano or Nero D'Avola is recommended. 

Polenta   14.00

Has its roots in the peasant cuisine of northern Italy. It is made by grinding corn in to flour or meal.

It has a rich yellow colour and a slightly sweet flavour and it is served instead of pasta, rice or potatoes.

Creamy and thick we serve it with:

- Italian sausages and pork ribs slow cooked with Borlotti beans in our tomato and laurel sauce.

- Porcini and Chestnuts mushrooms sauce.

Both served with granary bread.

Definitely a filling main, it goes well with a glass of Primitivo or Fiorebella.

Home made gnocchi   14.00

A classic Italian pasta made from potato,

we serve it with our Bolognese Ragu or with Porcini and Chestnuts mushrooms sauce.

Perfect match with a Chianti or Montepulciano for Ragu or Pinot Noir for Porcini.

Porchetta   15.50

It is the Italian version of hog roast.

Deboned, slow cooked pork roast, stuffed with garlic,herbs and haggis with a salty crackling.

It is served with pan fried spinach and wine poached apples.

Sublime if enjoyed with a Primitivo.

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